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Awake with Passion Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy & EFT in Ruislip and Mayfair, London

Coaches, Healers, Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Artists & the Passionately Adventurous who are on a mission... Defy convention, make some waves AND feel good doing it!

Welcome to Awake with Passion.

You KNOW that you're here to be different!

You KNOW that an ordinary, conventional kind of life is not what you came here to live! You don't "do" normal and the thought of following the crowd, having a bullshit, boring job or lifestyle like too many people you know (as much as you may love them), makes you want to tear your own hair out...

You've been through a lot in your life - you want to make some kind of difference!

You want freedom and choice, flexibility and fun and have NO desire whatsoever to follow anyone else's rules. You're aching to be the REAL you or show even more of yourself and you want to create what's in your heart, to reach others and to make an impact in the world, in whichever way matters to you. At least, that's the plan!

There's just one...BIG...problem.
You're not out there doing it yet! Or maybe you've tasted success but you've hit a wall, a block or some kind of restriction...

You're doing what all the experts say - reading those books, working on your mindset, being positive, believing in yourself and so on, but it's still feeling "off" somehow. You've been working and working at it and are starting to become exhausted and desperate, OR you've become stuck and just can't get yourself moving. It might be that other aspects of your life are getting in the way of what you really want to do.

You've got plans, ideas and goals and are fed up with where you're at and KNOW it's time to finally take action and make a change, so you can do what you came here to do!

But how?!!!

This is where I come in.

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Hi, I’m Marie Fleming. As an Emotional Freedom Coach and Empowerment Strategist, I love, and I mean, LOVE helping you to drop the baggage, overcome setbacks, obstacles and limitations and get you tapped into clarity, confidence, a true knowing of your own brilliance PLUS the right strategies, so you can go out there and MAKE THOSE WAVES!...

To do anything big, you need emotional FREEDOM to have the energy to do it!
You need the downright BALLSINESS to defy convention and create what the hell you want!
You need a PLAN to create it. A good one!
You need CLARITY & FOCUS to stay on track and even get started in the first place!

How you FEEL is vital - it affects everything you do. Yes, mindset is part of it. Of course it is. But it's about so much more than that!

The internal work on it's own can often end up as a way of hiding away and avoiding facing the world (and your fears!), keeping you stuck in endless cycle of self-analysis - frustrated, broke and unfulfilled! And the kick arse strategy, pushing, and constant "hustling" to make it happen, can end up leading to burnout, stress and disappointment. This is why you need elements of both...Strategy AND Soul!

And this is exactly what I'm about.

Together we will unearth and resolve issues, clear baggage and connect you to the deepest parts of yourself AND get you taking action and moving forwards - doing both at the same time!!!

I help with clarity, empowerment, real practical strategies, the deep inner work, creating your vision, overcoming obstacles, setbacks, limitations, fears, hangups, emotional trauma, mindset and whatever else it takes! I absolutely love delving deep when needed and I'm all about creating thorough and lasting transformation with you, because let's be honest, that's what's needed here, rather than quick fixes which barely last beyond two weeks!

So, if any of these apply...

  • You're a lover of really going for it in a big way, and are genuinely committed to your mission, dreams or desires,
  • You want to work with someone who has A LOT of tools in her kit, doesn't bullshit you and shares it all with all love, passion and a sense of humour,
  • You're out there creating it already but you 're feeling stuck, weighed down or uncertain and need powerful breakthroughs,
  • You're about to venture out or want to, and can't move yourself forward,
  • You need help figuring things out, knowing where to start or even plucking up the courage to begin...

    This is my area of expertise and absolute passion and I'm here to support you all the way, if you're ready...!

  • Something different...

    Awake with Passion is so much more than standard coaching. It's about waking you up to your own magnificence, practically creating what's bubbling there deep within you, and bringing it out into the real world, once and for all. I delve deep, get practical and empower YOU (I'm not one of those "I will rock your world and change your life" hyped up kind of Coaches) - and the difference in your life from working together will be oh-so-noticeable! In fact, it'll feel bloody AMAZING!

    The way I work isn't for everyone.

    I incorporate a range of dynamic ingredients... hypnotherapy, emotional freedom techniques (EFT), neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), numerology, tarot (if that resonates with you), no nonsense strategy, coaching and deep intuition - all with a dose of humour and passion (a bit like a beautifully mixed cocktail!)

    The content of my coaching packages are designed around you - you're not the same as everyone else so why would you want a "one size fits all" approach? There's so much more to you than that!

    We go wherever is needed - whether that's releasing past emotional baggage, unlocking desires, overcoming blocks, tapping into the unapologetic here-to-do-big-things version of you (it's in there!), increasing your confidence, your abilities, your self belief and self worth, getting practical and getting you DOING! We'll also take the time to enjoy the process and have fun along the way... SO important!

    What next?

    To find out more about me and ways of working, go to the menu above and take a look around.

    To connect with me personally, ask me any questions or watch my videos and live streams you can find me on my Awake with Passion Facebook page HERE

    You can also join my free Facebook group, The Passionate Life Revolution, my free on-line community of lovely, amazing like-minded people. Just CLICK HERE to join

    Hope to see you there!

    Marie x

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    Defy convention, make some waves AND feel good doing it!

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