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Awake with Passion Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy & EFT in Ruislip and Mayfair, London

Hi! I’m Marie Fleming, Founder of Awake with Passion, Creativity Coach, Spiritual Strategist, Life Path Guide & Therapist (with a twist!)

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Why I do what I do...

I have NEVER wanted an ordinary life!

I did attempt leading a conventional, "normal" kind of existence but to be perfectly honest, it felt like it was slowly suffocating me! Half way through my career as a Child Protection Lawyer, I came to realise that I was, in fact, a highly creative person who was trapped in a grey office, surely meant for something else.

Throughout the 8 years I spent in the legal profession, I always had that niggle, that feeling of restlessness and knowledge that I was meant to do something meaningful, daring and magical in the world. Something different. I craved FREEDOM and ADVENTURE and wanted to live it...

So I did! But it took a while and it wasn't easy.

On the outside I always looked ‘together’, strong, independent, happy and successful, which was in no way how I felt on the inside. As the years went by, my lifestyle became increasingly stressful and exhausting, due to a build up of some particularly challenging life experiences, such as:

  • Becoming a teenage mother at the same time as collecting my College A Level results - early responsibility and fear
  • Overcoming the effects of being in a long term and very abusive situation from a young age, for almost 10 years
  • Juggling a toddler with University and Postgraduate studies (zero social life and massive financial struggles)
  • My career in the legal profession, which was mainly fast paced, highly sensitive, emergency based work
  • Working as a Child Protection Solicitor under prolonged and intense stress (including skipping lunch, too much coffee, barely drinking water, crazy headaches, insane deadlines, impossible workload, anxiety and insomnia)
  • Parenting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome who was hospitalised twice with severe levels of anxiety and depression.
  • Having a generally disruptive and hectic life with years of ignoring my needs and feelings
  • Experience in raising a teenage daughter! Teenagers can be "interesting"…
  • And a bunch of other deep, dark, traumatic stuff, which simply can't be explained here!

    After years of becoming an expert in neglecting myself, I reached the point of complete and utter burnout. I became severely unwell and was diagnosed with a debilitating chronic illness (M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), which took 5 years for me to recover fully from.

  • During my illness...

    During that time I spent periods completely housebound and unable to move. With my symptoms escalating daily, I suffered a devastating loss in health, social life, ability to work, income, status, identity, my relationship, even the ability to sleep or digest food properly. I was in a complete mess with anxiety and increasing depression and I eventually hit rock bottom, being completely burnt out physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually.

    It was here that I was forced to build up my life again from scratch.

    But… after going through such a massive transformation, I learnt so much about myself and how my previous way of living just wasn’t sustainable. I was forced to find the answers from the inside after losing most of the things I cared about on the outside (besides my daughter).

    Although it was one of the most challenging periods of my life, this experience set me on a course of re-evaluating just about everything in my life. As well as working on the illness itself, part of that involved battling with my emotions, dealing with past trauma (there had been a lot!), working on my mindset, learning how to rise up out of myself and my limitations, developing more of my inner strength and confidence and learning to like myself, then love myself and got excellent practice in how to let go of the things that were keeping me stuck and playing small.

    I desired so much more for myself and as I focused on myself for the very first time, huge transformations occurred.

    I learnt so much along the way and realised after questioning one time whether I should even carry on living, that I was here for a REASON!

    My recovery...

    As part of my recovery, as well as seeking out help from the most amazing Coaches, Therapists and Mentors, I began studying and training in Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Techniques. These approaches completely transformed me. I then began to know myself at such a deep level and allowed myself to tune into the natural gifts and talents that I possess.

    I realised that just because I was good at being a Lawyer, it didn't mean that I wasn't meant for something else (this was a HUGE shift for me!)

    I also realised that what made my heart and soul completely light up, was to help others make their own transformations so that they can go out into the world and do what they're meant to. Then I discovered that I was actually very good at it! So i decided to go for it - I left behind the safe, conventional, legal profession and made a decision to create myself a life of freedom, flexibility and fun, doing the things that I LOVE.

    Oh, and I also came out of the spiritual closet!!!

    Has this part of the journey been easy? Erm....NO! Of course it hasn't! I've had to overcome so many fears and hang ups in order to be able to commit to building something different for myself and to trust the vision I have for my life. Some of the things I do now would have been COMPLETELY unrecognizable to the person I was just a few years ago! It's incredible how much transformation can occur...

    I totally understand the fears involved in getting out there and changing your life.
    I understand how tough it can be to overcome setbacks, limitations and old baggage - most people who are here to do big, juicy things tend to have experienced a hell of a lot of drama, craziness and unhappiness in their lives! It makes us who we are.

    BUT, if you really desire it, it's absolutely possible for you to get out of your own way, overcome whatever obstacles there are and do the things you KNOW deep down, you were born to do!

    Some other facts about me...

  • I’m 38 and have a 19 year old daughter who is getting ready to make her own waves within the music industry
  • I have continually invested in myself over the years with my own amazing coaches, therapists and mentors, for my business and personal life
  • I usually buy myself flowers every week. It would feel weird to me if I didn’t
  • Besides personal development and coaching, I have a particular passion for gorgeous food, good coffee and beautiful cocktails.
  • I think fairy lights are one of the nicest little inventions ever
  • Being super healthy is always great, but there’s also a lot of pleasure to be had in binge eating red velvet cake from time to time. And cheese. And anything Italian.
  • I'm absolutely crazy in love with my fiance, Michael - for so many reasons, too numerous to get into here! All I'll say for now is that I wrote a list of 91 traits and qualities I wanted in someone and he not only showed up in my life, but he bloody exceeded the list! You can check out the story on that, HERE!
  • Contrary to what people often think, I'm not always happy (no one is!). I have inner struggles just like everyone else (that's what being human is all about), but I know how to pick myself up and deal with them, keep moving forwards and continue to love myself in the process!

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