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Awake with Passion Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy & EFT in Ruislip and Mayfair, London

Hi! I’m Marie Fleming and I’m the founder of Life with Passion.

As a Life Coach, I work with busy and successful men and women who are "stuck in their heads", wondering why they're not happier or asking themselves what's missing, even though life might look okay from the outside. I show them exactly how to reconnect with themselves, ignite their spark and uncover what it is that brings them real passion and fulfillment.

If you're ready to take the first step, I'd love you to join me at The Passionate Life Revolution, my on-line community of lovely, amazing like-minded people. All you need to do is CLICK HERE

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Why I do what I do

Many people leading busy and successful lives often feel so resigned to living a life without any fulfillment, joy or passion, that they’ve almost given up hope of ever feeling any differently. Or they feel guilty because they already have things to be thankful for and feel like they shouldn't be expecting any more. Sometimes people believe that they're just not the kind of person that feels passionate or has that spark inside and that it isn't possible for them.

That’s a real shame because the truth is - finding fulfillment, joy and passion is absolutely possible and everyone has that inner spark. It's about connecting to yourself and living more fully and more consciously. Getting yourself out of this rut doesn’t have to be so hard and isn't just for the privileged few.

I founded Life With Passion because I realised that a lot of men and women out there needed help with this…and too often they were merely existing day to day, rather than really living a happy, fulfilled, passionate life. There are so many people who have some level of outside success but they're not happy or satisfied from within.

I know, because I’ve been there myself!

And I'm passionate about helping you to change this.

Why I'm different

I have my own direct personal experience and I truly understand what it feels like to live a life of stress and unhappiness, being stuck in my head and going through life feeling like something is missing, even though I had the outside success.

I’ve gone through some pretty major shifts and have experienced a huge transformation in my life. I'm now deeply fulfilled and connected to myself and to my passion which not only feels amazing, but also effortless.

There's something really magical about living the life that you're meant for. Once I ignited my spark, my entire life transformed.

I don’t doubt for a second, that it’s possible for you too!

Unlike some other 'one method' approaches out there, my style blends Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT. I draw on psychology, intuition and a whole load of passion which means that I am able to get results.

Why we need to talk

If you’re sick of just existing, feeling empty, stressed, unfulfilled or wondering what's missing and why you're not happy enough, it’s time to stop. Right now. And take…action.

Life’s too short to settle because there’s much more to you than that. You deserve to trade in your disconnection, lack of joy and excitement for something so much better!

With awareness, experience and signature strategies, you can completely transform how you think, feel and show up in the world.
This is exactly why I’m here.

Through my one-on-one coaching, you'll discover:

  • How to connect with yourself and how amazing you actually are
  • Simple but brilliantly powerful techniques and strategies to get you out of your head
  • The blocks that are holding you back (we can clear those)
  • The untapped resources you have within you (seriously, they're in there)
  • How to connect your mind and body
  • How to infuse your life with joy and passion

  • My journey

    My life today looks completely different when compared to say, five years ago.

    Before, I used to feel that life was a real struggle and that some of us were just born into difficult life situations, while some ‘lucky’ people out there seemed to have it all. I lived in constant stress, never looked after myself, pushed myself in every way humanly possible and kept trudging along feeling deeply unhappy.

    Of course on the outside I looked ‘together’, strong, independent, happy and successful.

    So what led me to complete and utter burnout? The way I lived my life in general plus some of this:

  • Becoming a single mother at the same time as collecting my A Level results kicked me into early responsibility and fear
  • Juggling a toddler with University and Postgraduate studies (zero social life)
  • My career in the legal profession spanning 7 years
  • Working as a Child Protection Solicitor under prolonged and intense stress (this included skipping lunch, too much coffee, barely drinking water, crazy headaches, insane deadlines, impossible workload, anxiety and insomnia)
  • Caring for someone close to me with Asperger’s Syndrome who was hospitalized twice with severe levels of anxiety and depression.
  • Having a disruptive and hectic life with years of ignoring my feelings
  • Experience in raising a teenage daughter! Teenagers can be interesting…
  • And a bunch of other stuff too numerous to list here!

    After years of becoming an expert in neglecting myself, I reached the point of complete and utter burnout, becoming severely unwell and being diagnosed with M.E/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

    It took 5 years for me to make a full recovery. During that time I lost my health, social life, ability to work, income, status, identity, intimate relationship and was forced to build up my life again from scratch.

    But… after going through such a massive transformation, I learnt so much about myself and how my previous way of living just wasn’t sustainable. I was forced to find the answers from the inside after most of the things I cared about on the outside (besides my daughter) had been taken away.

    As part of my recovery I began studying and training in Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy and EFT. These approaches completely transformed me.

    I eventually realised that what made my heart sing was to help others make their own transformations and connect with themselves and their passions. So I naturally moved towards this kind of work, and although I did enjoy aspects of my work as a Solicitor, I made the decision to move on from my legal career.

    Now I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to work with amazing people and help them to transform their own lives for the better.

    My life is filled with passion, joy, excitement and inspiration and when I'm coming from that place, there's so much more space for me to reach my goals and achieve the things I want to achieve.

  • Along the way I've been guided with some particular beliefs:

    1. I believe that the quality of our lives have nothing to do with the circumstances in which we find ourselves.
    2. Most of the time we can’t control events around us. But we can absolutely control how we react to them.
    3. If you master this, life doesn’t feel like such an uphill struggle, or just a mundane existence. It takes on a passionate, joyful quality
    4. I believe that everyone has the capacity for living an amazing, authentic, joyful life and it's our duty to make the most of our life experience
    5. We ALL have a spark inside of us

    I’ve read numerous accounts of this. I’ve seen others do it. I’ve experienced it firsthand myself.

    So that’s my story and the "why" behind what I do.

    Some other facts about me:
  • I’m 35 and have a 16 year old daughter who is truly amazing
  • I continually invest in myself with my own amazing coaches for my business and personal life
  • I buy myself flowers every week. It would feel weird to me if I didn’t
  • Besides personal development and coaching, I have a particular passion for gorgeous food, coffee and cocktails. And I may be ever so slightly in love with Michael Bublé.
  • I think fairy lights are one of the nicest little inventions ever
  • Being super healthy is always great, but there’s also a lot of pleasure to be had in binge eating red velvet cake from time to time. And cheese. And anything Italian.

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