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'Uplevel & OWN it!' - DOORS NOW CLOSED

“Owning it”, means so much more than saying the right words or forcing yourself to do the things you know you need to do in your life and /or business. It’s about FEELING from deep within, EMBODYING the fact that you DO own it and KNOWING it belongs to you - because it’s just who you are! It’s a feeling of strength, power and cannot be touched by anyone!

So if you don’t have this for yourself right now, how many more courses, programmes, packages, groups, masterminds, intensives, events etc are you going to spend your money on, before you realise, it’s NOT about more strategy, more marketing, more funnels, more inspirational quotes, more sales training, a better website or photos, upgraded tech and so on… it’s always, and I mean, ALWAYS, about YOU!

Since creating Awake with Passion a few years ago, I have literally spent thousands and thousands of pounds on all of this kind of stuff, convinced that it would be the “thing” that would make the difference. Or get me to the next level. And eventually, after a lot of stubborn determination and trying SO hard to “stay positive”, I finally got it!

Out of all the things I signed up for, only a tiny percentage actually had any REAL lasting effect on me.

It had always been the inner transformation that had catapulted me forwards, Every. Single. Time. And that had more depth to it than just staying positive all day, every day!

Yes, strategy and information is important and very much needed. But that’s the easy part. The DOING isn’t actually that hard. It’s the fears, blocks, lack of clarity, unconsciously repelling things, wavering energy, inconsistency, doubts and baggage weighing down on you that needs the attention.

The fact is, if it was simply about the right marketing and strategy and pushing through, or just thinking positively and that’s all, everyone would be creating incredible things! (and you would already be where you planned to be, wouldn’t you?)

None of this creating, building and moving forwards is supposed to be SO HARD!


  • How long are you going to keep on going round in circles, or taking one step forward and then two steps back?!!!

  • OR, continue to look outside, to other people for your next inspirational hit, your mastermind group or that youtube video or book, because without those things, you lose momentum…?

  • OR, going back and forth and changing your mind

  • OR, having success in one area but it’s hardly the ease and flow you thought it was.

  • OR, never really launching that thing, even through you KNOW it’s inside of you, niggling away?

  • OR, having more doubts and insecurities, or wondering why it’s not as enjoyable as it was supposed to be?

    It’s not that other person’s strategic course or structure you need, because what works for one person won’t necessarily work for you. You need inner transformation of your own, that STICKS and LASTS!

    If you want to create things in this world, you’re always going to want to uplevel, so the inner work is never done! And you can’t follow through properly or feel TRULY soul aligned when you do whatever it is you want to do, without delving deeper. And yes, I know, this takes courage!

    Upleveling brings up more areas about you, every time, which need your attention, otherwise you end up staying stuck, scared and worst of all, playing small and not being who you really are.

    HARSH, BUT LOVING TRUTH = If you don’t OWN IT, it won’t happen. Because you’ll sabotage and repel it!!! And I’ve seen SO many people start with their dreams and give up, returning to their 9-5, not because they didn’t have it in them, but because they didn’t tap into their true self and they didn’t own the truth of who they really are!

    Do you want to go down the same path? I’m sure you do not!

    Do you want to keep pushing, working against the tide when you KNOW it shouldn’t be this hard? I think not!

    Obviously not, because you're about creativity, freedom, fun, adventure, right?!!!

    And this is exactly why I created 'Uplevel & OWN it!'

  • 12 weeks of delicious, deep level work!

    This is the work that will actually make a difference and will shift you from the core, so that you know, like you know, like you KNOW, who you really are, ready to move yourself to the next level from wherever you are, and OWN it!!!

    The transformation you experience stays with you, there’s no going back! This is my greatest wish for you and exactly why I created this programme. It’s the important stuff that I wish I could have learnt years ago, instead of taking the long, difficult, time consuming route to get to where I am today and how I feel within myself.

    By the end of the 12 weeks, you will be more YOU than ever before!!!

    You’ll have a real sense of your own power and magnificence and it will come from deep within you - not just because you hyped yourself up with YouTube videos or got inspired from someone else’s livestream or whatever. It will come from YOU.

    And not only will you transform your life and business, you will have what you need to do it again and again, EVERY TIME you Uplevel because you will always want to, the more you grow and expand. The learning, shifting and growing is a lifelong process!

    It’s here in this programme.
    All in one place for you. All the best things I’ve learned and truly embodied for myself over years, and literally spent thousands and thousands of pounds on!

    This programme is not just ‘think happy thoughts’ - we go way deeper than that. Mindset is part of it, absolutely, but it’s a hell of a lot more than that, because WE are so much more than than that!

    Uplevel & OWN it!. Uplevel and own it


    Not just another “write out what you desire” kind of module. We’re going DEEP. Deep into you, who you TRULY are, making soul aligned decisions, getting really honest about it all, admitting to yourself finally what you’re about, WAKING UP!! And it’s going to feel amazing! Giving yourself full blown permission to finally do this and consciously creating in a way you never have before. You’ll be lighting yourself up already in week 1!

    Reclaiming who the F you are!!!! Connecting to the true power of you, where you’ve come from, your experiences and ALL that you are. The is way beyond mindset. You will connect from a much deeper place and once you’re tapped into this, no one can take it from you again! Serious upleveling in it’s own right.

    Leveraging what’s much bigger than you and allowing the support to flow through, learning how to work with the universe, receive more and more of those divinely guided downloads and intuitive hits and feeling into each uplevel before you even get there, so the whole process feels amazing, on track and deliciously magical!

    Busting the myths of law of attraction that send you round in a spin and learning how to allow the magic of it to actually manifest into your life in a REAL way, aligning your mental, physical emotional and spiritual energy so you are working WITH your soul, not pushing against it! Navigating relationships and connections with others without draining your energy supply, and loving yourself along the way (because you have big things to do!)

    Such a juicy module! Mapping out your next set of money goals and releasing your self-imposed limits, blocks and scarcity mindset. Figuring out where you are and going deep with old and existing money stories, challenging those beliefs from the CORE! Working through victim mentality, deservedness and charging for your work, and building up a strong, abundance mindset. SO valuable, even if you’ve looked at this area before. The work here is never done!

    This area is essential whatever level you’re currently at, so a second week going deeper into wealth consciousness, expanding your ability to receive and actively practicing the ‘allowing’ so you fully embody the changes and see them show up in your life in a real and practical way. I’ll share with you everything I have discovered along the way so far and how you can transform this area for yourself.

    One of the most overlooked areas, often skimmed over but where the most important aspect lies… learning or revisiting emotions, embracing the light and dark, using emotions to manifest, create and build momentum, acknowledging emotions, releasing what’s needed, using them to your advantage to create what it is that you truly want.

    We all have them, so rather than bypassing the fears and blocks, getting real about what’s there and working on them - on a conscious level and on an unconscious level so they no longer sabotage your success and ability to keep expanding. SO IMPORTANT! (and can also be fun when you know how!)

    If you know what’s there, you can use more of what’s helpful to you, and change what’s holding you back. We’re going to get really conscious of what’s going on beneath the surface and get into all the juicy mindset stuff and deliberately work our mental muscles to create changes. But, as always, we’re going deeper so you feel the difference and properly embody the shifts so they stick with you! No more skimming the surface!

    This is where a lot of approaches start! Once we’ve done all the above, it’s SO much easier to take action. You will already be taking action, of course, but now we’re coming at it from a much more soul aligned place! We’ll build again on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual habits and practices that are going to shoot your desires out into the world and take physical form by way of ACTION! And not just action for the sake of it where you have to push, convince or persuade yourself, but action that flows naturally from YOU, with a little helpful structure to complement that.

    All work and no play… that’s NOT the way we want to go! We’re going to get into the fun stuff here, and link it to whatever it is you’re creating, along with your goals and mission so that the whole process is enjoyable! We’ll cover masculine and feminine energy, how it works, when it’s useful and how to allow more ease and flow into everything you do. So you’re energised, fulfilled and can share as much as you want with the world, feeling incredible, aligned and deeply fulfilled.

    Having gone through Uplevel & OWN it! this will feel so much more effortless and aligned for you! This week is about creating from your Soul (not your head), from your POWER and putting things out into the world that are an expression of the REAL you! We’ll look at taking action, planning, being visible, tapping into your true essence which you will absolutely be owning by week 12!

    AND… We’ll end it all off by acknowledging and celebrating all of your success!


    I honestly wish I had found a programme like this, because I KNOW it would have saved me so much time and money and the journey wouldn’t have been such an uphill struggle! So I am incredibly excited to be putting this into the world and sharing pure AMAZINGNESS with you!

    If you’re ready to Uplevel and OWN it in a powerful way, beyond just ‘think positively’ and you know you’re meant to be doing more in the world, feeling more aligned, with more energy and are craving deep level transformation over just more surface level ones, without a doubt, you will ABSOLUTELY want to be a part of this programme!


    Uplevel & OWN it! SILVER package

    12 weekly teachings (a mixture of pre-recorded and live, video and audio content, and lifetime access after the programme ends)

    x3 monthly live group coaching calls for extra accountability, support and transformation

    Exclusive members only Facebook Group - I’ll be in there all throughout the 12 weeks for guidance, encouragement and weekly Q&A (and celebrating your wins with you!)

    And… Surprise Bonuses!

    Uplevel & OWN it! GOLD package

    12 weekly teachings (a mixture of pre-recorded and live, video and audio content) - lifetime access after the programme ends.

    x3 monthly live group coaching calls for extra accountability, support and transformation

    Exclusive members only Facebook Group - I’ll be in there all throughout the 12 weeks for guidance, encouragement and weekly Q&A (and celebrating your wins with you!)

    And… Surprise Bonuses!


    Access to a private ‘Indulgence’ event in London (somewhere gorgeous!) on Sat 2nd March ❤🍸


    x2 1:1 power calls with me (laser focused, amazing and fun!)


    You deserve to go through life, with a full sense of KNOWING the truth of what you have inside of you, and build and enjoy the kind of life and business that you already know you came here to create… because you can feel it right now, as you read these words!

    Less sabotaging, unconsciously repelling and pushing against the tide, and more creating from a source of your own true power, and feeling the freedom and energy to OWN who you are and what you’re doing and then... allow the magic to unfold!

    I have butterflies in my stomach (the good kind!) as I write this. I'm so excited to work with those who are ready... 😍

    Marie x

    Uplevel & OWN it!. AWAKELOGO

    WAKE UP to who you really are... & create magic in Life, Love & Business!

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