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Awake with Passion Life Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy & EFT in Ruislip and Mayfair, London

Frequently asked questions...

How do I know which package is right for me and how many sessions I’ll need? Or whether any of this is right for me?
I won’t know until we connect and you let me know what you’re looking to change! We'll go through the details and discuss this during the Explore & Discover session

Will I see changes straight away?
By the time we start working together, we would have already had an Explore and Discover Session. So I’ll have a very good idea of what stage you’re at and where we need to start focusing. Often you’ll notice little changes straight away as you begin to become more aware and use the techniques I’ll teach you. However, real transformation happens over time. I’m not into quick fixes and want you to experience changes that last. That’s why I’ve designed the packages the way they are, to allow more space for this to happen.

How do you Coach?
Take a look at 'How it all works' and you'll find a summary of my approaches.

Do we have to meet face to face for sessions?
We don't have to! Depending on days and times, I can accommodate sessions in person, over Skype and by phone, or even a combination of those. So if you don't live in London or are unable to travel, that's not a problem.

Is it confidential?
Everything is confidential, including the fact that you’re a client of mine. The only exceptions to that would be:

  1. If I was legally required to do so e.g. If you or another person is in grave and immediate danger of serious harm. Or,
  2. During my clinical supervisions which I’m required to have to ensure that my work continues to be safe and effective. However, when discussing my cases, names are never disclosed.

How can I contact you?
You can send me a message via the contact button or contact me by phone. Details are on each page of the website and I’ll aim to get back to you asap.

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