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Practical Magic! 1 day London Workshop

Okay…clear your diary, book your baby sitter / dog sitter and plan your travel times, because something really special is happening on Saturday 11th August 2018!


This is a dynamic, full day Workshop of transformational learning, self-discovery, upgrading your life and creating what’s TRULY meant for you.

Grounded, practical strategy and action + magic, soul and depth = Practical Magic!

This event is for you if:

  • You’re ready to say yes to you NOW! (you’re not just thinking and dreaming about it like most people, because you’re not like most people!)

  • You KNOW that although positive mindset feels good, it isn’t quite enough… if it was, you would have had it all sussed by now, right?

  • You'd like to be around like-minded people who “get it” and you don’t need to explain yourself or justify what you’re doing in this world

  • You have no desire or intention any more to play it small or settle for things like you used to

  • You’re up for a magical day of shifts, realisations, inspiration and are open to new experiences and who knows what else…

  • You’re excited reading this, even if you don’t quite know why!

  • You’re unsure but you’re curious (there’ll be a reason for that, so follow your instinct!)

  • You want to have more energy, clarity, focus, vison and want an extra touch of magic in your life

    This is going to be a beautiful day of strategy AND soul – because when we have both in our lives, MAGIC happens!

    I'm so excited to share with you:

  • My personal "AWAKE" method which blasts through the common mistakes and myths being promoted by many personal development “gurus” and spiritual teachings, so you finally have a real, practical process for lasting transformation (and realise there is nothing wrong with you!)

  • How to feel more energised so you can do the things you want to do, feel good, stay focused and consistent AND be able to sustain that much needed momentum.

  • The truth about life challenges and how to discover your Soul’s blueprint, so you understand your own brilliance and NEVER forget it!

  • A magic backpack of tips, tricks, and tools that you can use to really clear the way, upgrade your life and feel great doing it (working on yourself can actually be fun if you know how!)

  • And more. I cover a lot during my events!

  • On top of that...

    We’ll be doing it all in a wonderfully uplifting, high vibe hotel which has an incredible energy to it.

    PLUS... you’ll be treated to all refreshments throughout the day INCLUDING a delicious buffet lunch – the food is great there! (delicious food is important)

    PLUS... a cheeky little ‘after event’ celebration for anyone who wants to stick around and have a couple of drinks and soak up all the good energy of the day (celebration is important too!)

    AND ONE MORE THING… all of this is taking place on Saturday 11th August, which just so happens to be…drum roll please… a New Moon! For those of you who know what I mean, enough said…! For those of you who don’t, come along and find out!

    See, even the date of this event is magical!!
    It’s going to be so much fun and I’m so excited to meet you there!

    VENUE: The Clayton Crown Hotel, 152 Cricklewood Broadway, London NW2 3ED
    DATE: Saturday 11th August
    TIME: 10am - 5pm/6pm (exact timings to be confirmed)

    Practical Magic Workshop . Practical Magic 11th Aug 2018


    Feedback from previous attendees...

    “I didn’t have a light bulb moment, I had a whole room illumination!” - Lynn

    “She is intuitive and really good at helping people make valuable inroads to achieving their goals, bringing out major insights and becoming more self-aware – Marie is someone you really enjoy working with!” - Silvia

    “A day in person with Marie truly gets to the heart of the matter and she allows you to find your personal truth, ambition and soul purpose….and I just love her unique “AWAKE” teaching method…Her work and teachings are game changing and transformational”
    - Darryl

    “Thanks to Marie my self-confidence and self-belief has improved so much!” - Elaine

    “It was such an honour…I came looking for inspiration and a fresh perspective. I received that and much more… Marie’s big heart and candidness created a space for us to really look within and challenge ourselves to see the barriers we are facing… I can thoroughly recommend the Awake with Passion workshop. It tackles many aspects of self development work that are often missed” - Vernon

    Marie’s event was amazing! It really is difficult to put into words the togetherness and transformations that occurred…” - Andrea

    Practical Magic Workshop . AWAKELOGO

    REMEMBER who you really are... & the game changes!

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